Hey it’s February

Sooo … yeah, obviously it’s not February, it’s almost the end of July. Looks like I wrote this and then bailed on it, but figured I’d post this anyway and then follow it up.

How did that happen?!

My last post was exactly three months ago. I was about to start a new job, and my mind was full of ideas and theories and stratagems about what might need to be done, how I might achieve it, and how I would justify my ideas.
The 2FA/MFA post came out of that and, I’ll admit, it ran on a little longer than I intended. C’est la vie as the French say.

“So what’s been going on in the last three months?!” asked literally nobody.
Well dear phantom reader, I shall tell you, while I sip PG Tips from my mug and persist in trying to shake the odd longing that I’ve had for the past few days to be back in England during Spring.

New Jerb

That’s number one. Has to be, really. I’m fairly sure I haven’t talked about this topic here, so you’ll indulge me.

Back in mid-2016, the company I worked for got acquired. This was a real ball-ache, as I’d been having a blast working at a place that was on a rapid growth trajectory and, from an IT standpoint, needed lots of work put in to help it grow. For someone like me who likes doing things that come with a sense of achievement at the end of them it was a gold-mine of opportunity.

That all came screeching to a halt when we were bought out. Long story short, I used the acquisition to finance a relocation to America, and that’s how this blog began.
I took a step down the career ladder in order to facilitate the move, and convinced myself (and concerned friends and family) that it would all be fine, and that I’d quickly find myself back on track.


Working for a 40,000+ person corporation is a pretty soulless experience. Fact. Regardless of the endless song and dance that the company espoused (we’re so different, we’re so special, we’re so unique, you’re all so blessed to work for us) it was one of the least fulfilling jobs I have ever had.
Perhaps it’s because I took a step back in position, I don’t know. I do know that a large number of people I worked with or was aware of at the old company have since left, most with the same sort of grievances I had.

Despite getting recognition for my work (and being able to present that work in San Francisco in front of a crowded theater), there was little to no upward mobility in my position.

So I left. I moved to a company that finds itself much in the position that the original company in my story was in when I joined five years ago, with a lot of the same people. I find myself working on a lot of things that make a big difference and give me the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that I’ve been looking for.

All I have to do is commute to Boston to do it.


Whatever I do, I always come back to Boston.

Well, that’s not strictly true, but it has played a large part in my life these last five years. I think 2017 was the only year I didn’t visit the place.

I got offered this new job, and the position was in Boston, so I went. That means (up until two weeks ago when I started a new schedule) my week went like this:


  • Wake at 4:50am
  • Shower quickly
  • Be in the car by 5:20am at the latest
  • Get to LaGuardia Airport for ~5:40am
  • Be through security by 6:00am and get on a plane
  • Wheels up at 6:30am
  • Land and taxi to the stand at Boston Logan Airport by ~7:30am
  • Hop on a bus and be at the office by 8:00am

I then stay with my boss and his wife, who very graciously are putting me up because, with our current financial situation, I can’t actually afford to stay anywhere up there! Ho ho ho.


  • Leave the office at 5:00pm
  • Head to Boston South Station, most likely grabbing food (burger) on the way or once I’m there
  • Board the 6:00pm Greyhound bus to New York City via Hartford, Connecticut
  • Get off the bus at Port Authority NYC, hopefully at 10:30pm
  • Subway to Penn Station
  • Catch the 10:49pm LIRR to Queens
  • Arrive home at about 11:30pm

The first few weeks didn’t go so well, with it being Thanksgiving and the run up to Christmas, so I was often getting home past midnight.

Now, you might think this is a fairly ridiculous state of affairs, and you’d be mostly right. I’m far from the only person to do this kind of a journey; the shuttle from LGA to BOS is packed every Monday with business travelers, and there are plenty of “super commuter” stories online.
However, most of these people are either travelling on the company dime or they’re wealthy enough to do it and have a crash pad at the other end.

I am neither of those things right now.

The fact is, the fulfillment I get from the job outweighs the onerous travel arrangements, at least for the time being. I’m three months in and have already tweaked the schedule to buy myself a little more time at home at the beginning and end of the ‘week’, and of course I work from home on Fridays which is nice.

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