It’s the Final Countdown … I think

Some unexpected good news suddenly throws things into a higher gear

This week I’ve been on a training course in the delightful city of Dublin, Ireland. (Like there’d be any other.) Just before I shut my laptop down for the weekend on Friday, I pinged my boss a quick email to ask if there had been any progress on my offer letter / contract / salary, because my girlfriend and I are keen to get on with working out what and where we can afford to live.

When I sat down on Sunday evening in my hotel to check my emails, I was a little surprised to find a message stating that things had indeed moved forward, and that the company was targeting a start date in NYC of August 1st.


Expecting this process to take a while, I had been confidently telling people – and myself in the process – that I had a few months left to get my house in order, and that I expected to be leaving around October.

By the time I went to bed on Wednesday, I’d discussed my new salary, filled in a questionnaire about who I am, and had a phone call with my immigration lawyer to discuss my application for the L1-B visa that will allow me to live and work in the United States of America.

This accelerated timeline is obviously a good thing, but it compresses things down somewhat. After selling my car in March to prepare for this, I’ve been waiting for more concrete plans in case I accidentally sold all my possessions and made myself homeless before finding out that there were still six months left.
In actual fact, this is still not necessarily a done deal. I still have to apply for the visa and be accepted, and although I fit pretty much the whole profile, it’s still not a guaranteed thing.

As a result I’ve been unwilling to do too much before I knew what was happening. Now I need to pair down my belongings into the important bits, make arrangements to leave my tenancy and find my replacement, as well as start figuring out how finances work out there, and planning a leaving bash in London!

I’d planned to do a little ‘tour’ to see people before I left, but – and sorry to anyone I know who is actually reading this – I’m now not going to have time!

Following my chat with the law firm that’s handling my application, I’ve been told it could take up to or beyond 8 weeks to get the visa approved, so perhaps August is a bit too ambitious. I’ve fed this back to my company who have advised me to keep pushing on for August 1st at this stage so … that’s what I’m going to do.

I planned to write up a bit of bumpf on the actual process thus far, and I’ll try to do that before more happens.

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