Snow Joke

Mother Nature truly is a powerful mistress

I’ve been wrestling with homesickness for the last few weeks, which is something I’ll cover in another post another time. As a result, I suppose I’ve been subconsciously a bit all over the place when it comes to emotional equilibrium.

Last Saturday, things got a little odd, and it’s all because of the weather.

I love snow. Let’s get that out of the way nice and early. I love the stuff. We hardly ever get it in the UK and so perhaps it’s still a novel thing, even after thirty two years. Whatever it is, when it snows I enjoy it. When the flakes started falling this weekend though, I had a much more extreme reaction.

I suppose I should also point out that I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas Music. You start hearing it in shops in mid-November and soon it’s on every radio station. You can’t get away from its relentless cheeriness; sucrose practically pouring through ceiling mounted speakers in shopping malls and coalescing into gaudy and occasionally terrifying ‘festive’ statues.

This day, however, things were different. AJ went off to work and as I gazed out at the rapidly whitening landscape, I found a Christmas radio station on TuneIn radio (apparently it plays Christmas songs all year round), hooked it up to all the speakers we have in the house, and set to Getting Festive.

The whole day, I was just outright happy. I had some life admin (Ladmin) to do, so I settled myself into the study with the heater at my feet, a cup of tea steaming on the desk, and snow pouring from the sky on the other side of the window. I was practically giddy with festivity! I bopped away to the Christmas tunes and went about my tasks with a relaxed but fizzy vigor that I hadn’t felt in quite some time. Every time I looked out the window, it felt magical. It was like I’d finally found a way to tap back into that feeling that we always used to get as kids, when Christmas really was magic.

It didn’t last forever; we went into the city to watch The Book of Mormon (an anniversary treat for AJ and me) and while it felt great to walk out into the snow, track maintenance on the subway and battling through the chaos that is Times Square quickly brought me back to reality with a bump.

For those few hours though, that snow made me feel like a child again.

2 thoughts on “Snow Joke”

  1. Wish Hannah and John and Mike and I were with you to talk incessantly and make you forget the homesickness and enjoy the excitement a little longer, dear Ed!
    Think of you often.
    Taz sends cwtches as do we all.
    We’re off to see Star Wars in Cardiff tonight tho Taz declined!
    Live the moment and appreciate the now sweetie!


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