Exploring the Amazon

I recently talked about what to pack when moving abroad, with the tactic acknowledgment that you can’t bring everything with you, and the stuff. that you do send after you will arrive months later.

What this means for most people is that you’re going to have to buy an awful lot of stuff at the other end, and that can be a daunting task. Thankfully, we have online shopping. In particular, we have Amazon.

I’ve used Amazon for years on and off, as I’m sure most people reading this have too. Once I got here though, Amazon became our lifeline. As it turns out, they now stock damn near everything.

Before I’d even left, I knew that I would need a new beard trimmer and a battery charger for my camera on our cruise. I bought the necessary through my US Amazon account (opened years ago) and shipped it to my girlfriend, who brought the items with her. Once we got back, I needed to iron my clothes for work. A day later I had an ironing board and iron at my door. As we moved into our place, I found speaker stands, cable management, 3M wall hooks (for pictures), power outlets, and dish drying racks.

I bought PG Tips and Heinz Beans. Water filters for our fridge. An external hard drive (for when I fucked my Mac by upgrading to High Sierra) and even a Dell monitor – they delivered it faster than Best Buy or B&H could. A security camera and dog poop bags came next, with a Roomba, some Rinse-Aid, and a ton of books following. A waffle maker, some roll-on deodorant, and a smoke alarm came a week later. The list goes on, but is a testament to the power of Amazon.

Moving countries – continents – and jobs, then moving into a flat and outfitting said flat with furniture and fitting from scratch is an enormous job. Our steady supply of Amazon goods helped us stay focused on the key tasks at hand, helped us get what we needed without going insane, and also helped me keep some home comforts (in the case of the tea and the beans) to hand.

Say what you want about internet shopping and the death of the high street, but if we’d had to get in the car and go to find these things each time we needed them, things would have been much tougher.

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