Social Media Technology

Access Denied

I’ve made no secret of my general distaste for Facebook, or the fact that I quit some time ago (to all intents and purposes anyway). It’s still be useful, however, to get this content out to my friends and family.

A few weeks back I started to notice that I was logged out, and was required to enter a PIN from my phone to get back in. Thanks to an incredibly dumb UX decision by Facebook, I struggled with that for a few days, but eventually got the info entered. At this stage, I was asked to upload an image of myself for verification. I grabbed the first image I had available (a professional work picture that my colleague says makes me look “like a German porn star”) and uploaded it.

I then came to log in at some point a week or so later, to find that my account was disabled. Once your account is disabled, you’re pretty much screwed from what I can tell. You can lodge an appeal – which I did – and get nothing back. No confirmation that the appeal was lodged, no notice that anybody has read it, no sense of whether it’s been approved or denied. No dialogue whatsoever.

I lodged another appeal this evening but, if I don’t hear anything from that, I give up. I didn’t particularly want to be on the platform to begin with, but if they’re going to ban the account with no warning and give me no options to recover it, then I don’t see why I should deal with them at all.

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